Worth knowing before borrowing online payday loan

The net swims in offers of quick and easy loans that can help you get the things you want but have not saved up too. This means that you can borrow for exactly what you want – without having to explain why.

It can be a great benefit to you who has the economy and knows what you can afford and can’t afford. But for others, the temptation can be too big and you end up making more loans than you can afford to pay back. Therefore, here are some good tips on how to avoid borrowing too much.

Put a budget


Before you go out and buy the sofa you are dreaming of with money you have borrowed online, it is a good idea to look at your finances.

To give yourself the best possible starting point before you borrow it is a good idea to set a budget.

As an extra service, many of the companies offering payday loans have ready-made budget schedules for download on their pages, so you can get a free and free one- homepage.

When you put in a thorough budget, you get a complete overview of your monthly income and expenses. In this context, you can see how much you have available each month and how much you can afford to deduct without having to sit too hard on it.

That way, you will not borrow more than you can afford and you will not get expensive reminders or experience being sent for debt collection.

Request more offers

As with everything else, it is always a good idea to spend some time acquainting yourself with what is out of different offers out there.

Obtaining offers from different companies is completely free and non-committal and it is a good idea to take full advantage of that service!

By getting around 3 different offers you have the opportunity to look like them together and find what is best for you.

Compare by APR

It is not easy to compare loan offers if you do not know what to look for because it can be tempting to just choose what has the least monthly installment.

However, this is not always the cheapest loan in the end.

If you have a reasonable basis to compare from, the Annual Cost Percentage (APR) is a good starting point – which you can compare on rapid-pay. This means that you compare all the expenses that the loan has calculated in percent per year. All loan offers must give up this figure, so you always have a comparison basis in this.